Paterson Salisbury is an Australian label run by Cameron Paterson and Joram Salisbury, established in 2013. Using exclusively Australian and New Zealand leathers,  the duo make every item from their small workshop nestled at the foothills of the Illawarra Escarpment New South Wales, selling across Australia and around the world.


Joram and Cameron first met in 2006 whilst surfing at Maroubra beach, sharing a waterborne friendship for six months before their first conversation on land.

Soon enough, and now out of their wetsuits, Cameron helped Joram land a job at a Sydney design studio working with him on well known international fashion brands.

It was during this time they witnessed first hand, how many global brands are run – a lack of transparency, a projected facade of care, and a cold association to their products. After two years they needed to escape.

Taking a risk, they packed everything up, shot down the coast and rented a miners cottage with a tin shed out the back. They had one intention: to start making items with real integrity.

Fascinated by 19th Century European leather artisans and their traditional disciplines, they took up leatherwork. For three years they spent their days learning and understanding leather craftmanship, investing every cent from their night work to support themselves and their ambition.

In 2013, they nervously released a small range at a local market. They were met with a positive response and a handful of sales. Urged on by their local customers, they refined their collection and in late 2013, Paterson Salisbury was established.

Today Cameron and Joram continue to make every Paterson Salisbury item from their new workshop nestled at the foothills of the Illawarra Escarpment New South Wales, selling across Australia and throughout the world. If you're in the neighbourhood, drop by, say hello, and watch the work unfold!

Our Philosophy: No shortcuts. Take the time to make each item out of the best materials, with the best methods, fit for a lifetime of use. If we focus on the details, the beauty will emerge.

Luxury meets simplicity.
"Rather than producing one particular style in volume, we do small runs of five bags at a time to maintain focus and attention to detail... This way, every piece becomes a statement of our standards."

Australian Cow Hide tanned in Kallangur, Queensland.

Australian Cow Hide tanned in Kallangur, Queesnland.

What is Australia?
"We're still working it out. We're always asking the question of how Australia shapes us and what we make. Australia has a rugged beauty that we want to express and we often reference the early sketches and paintings that capture the unique landscape and wonder."

Australian Kangaroo Leather tanned in Botany, New South Wales.
"Kangaroo leather is appreciated for its strength and durability. After evolving for over 15 million years in a harsh landscape like this you start to understand why."


The Small Bucket Bag.

The final buffing before boxing.
"It's the last goodbye before it heads off for its real life - for someone else to love and use."